'Just a Few' CD Reviews

Bob Roetker has produced a stunning trio album ...
author: Adriam Ingram - Just Jazz Guitar Magazine
It is always good to discover new players. Especially when they are as good as Robert Roetker. Of course, the term "new player" is not really appropriate, for like most well-seasoned musicians, Roetker has been playing the guitar in relative obscurity for over three decades.
Basically a straight-ahead player who errs toward the gentle sophistication that only experience and confidence can furnish, Roetker has produced a stunning trio album, ably supported, indeed positively enhanced, by Wayne Yeager's Hammond B3 organ, and Steve Barnes' tasteful drumming.
Like the playing, the material on "Just A Few" is standard fare, with such favorites as Invitation, How About You, and Love Letters. Other tunes come from the 'jazz standards' repertoire featuring rarely recorded but great jazz tunes such as Just A Few (Shorty Rogers), Home At Last (Hank Mobley) and Off The Top (Jimmy Smith).
Roetker was a guitar instructor for the Armed Forces School of Music, but now resides in Cincinnati, where he is rapidly making a name for himself on the local gig circuit. He is from the school of Herb Ellis and Joe Pass, which places emphasis upon melodic playing and interesting harmony. Given his age, however, (he was born in 1948) it is not surprising that he has also assimilated elements of Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino and George Benson. His most fiery side is in strong evidence on Martino's One For Rose.
I must congratulate Bob on an exceptionally fine release. "Just A Few" features strong tunes and strong playing by all concerned.
"No frills, no compromises, just top-notch straightahead jazz guitar..."
author: Larry Nager - Cincinnati Enquirer 5/28/99
Kicks butt!
author: Christopher von Volborth
This is top notch jazz with world class players.  It consistently kicks gluteus maximus!!!


'Second Chance' CD Review

author: Max Smith

I received Bob's CD (Second Chance) this weekend, I've listened to it at least 10 times already - beautiful playing! Two guys (guitar and bass), no effects, a DAT recorder, some nice tunes, and some sweet straight-ahead picking - definitely worth the price of admission.

'Give This CD to Your Folks' CD Reviews

author: Mario DeLaura
This CD is a nice compilation of easy listening jazz standards. This CD is very soothing music for after a bad day at work. Just set back, open a beverage of your choice, put the headphones on and relax. Very well done.

author: Gary Curran
If your parents are of 'a certain age', then they'll recognize the songs on this collection. There is nothing on this CD that I consider true, hardcore jazz, but it is easy listening for after a hard day when you don't want to think about anything else. You'll tap your toes and enjoy listening to old favorites. Give this CD to your folks, or give it to the kids so that they know what Mom and Dad, or Grandmom and Granddad used to listen to when music was something you could listen to and understand.

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