FREE PDF FAKE BOOK the "New Bob Book", and Sibelius files, or Band In A Box files, or various jazz standard lead sheets by request.  This is a fake book I have put together over the years using the resources from all of the Real Books, legal and illegal, the Frank Mantooth series of books, and several other sources to collect what I think are the most standard of tunes in one place.  There are 684 pages printed double sided in this book. This is absolutely FREE of charge. YMMV. 

I also have several thousand professional level Band In A Box files which can be sent as a BIAB or PDF files. These are primarily jazz standard lead sheets that I have created myself or downloaded and edited over the years and they are absolutely FREE of charge. You need Band in a Box to use the BIAB files or a PDF reader for the PDF files. All you need to do is request by email and I will either send the chart in the requested format or let you know if I don't have that one. 

NEW: Also available, Jazz Guitar Crash Course in PDF format. This is a compilation of most of my guitar handouts compiled over the years including a Beginner's Guide to Jazz Improvisation, Beginner's Guide to Chord Solos, Chord Substitutions, Intros and endings, exercises and more. All FREE.

PLEASE NOTE: Band in a Box is required to read or edit the Band in a Box files ( and Sibelius (7.xor greater) is required to read or edit the Sibelius files ( The FREE Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader is required for the PDF version of these files.

To get any of the above just email me at


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