Some Of My Favorite Links


PG Music

- Band in a Box accompaniment software & more.


- the finest and easiest to use professional notation program.

Jazz Guitar Legend

- Premium Online Jazz Guitar Membership Community

Jamey Aebersold Jazz Playalongs

- source for jazz material of all sorts including jazz playalongs.

Accujazz Radio

- a nice selection of jazz (and other) radio channels

Guitar Education Resource Guide

- a great resource for beginning guitarists

The Jazz Guitar Blog

- all things jazz guitar.

Jazz Guitar Lessons

- FREE jazz guitar lessons from New York guitarist Rick Stone.

Seventh String

- very useful web site with a metronome, tuner, and a GREAT fake book search tool.

Lick By Neck

- a FREE and unique instructional web page with visual jazz guitar lessons, solos, and transcriptions.



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