Most of these have to do with dumb drivers and dumb driving habits, but there are some others as well. Stay tuned for new ones!

Thing's That Bug Me!

These are things that really get on my nerves. Don't take it to seriously folks, it's called humor. More to come ...

1. Why do drivers not know how to merge or yield anymore? When did the rules change? Do the driving instructor's understand merge or yield signs? I don't think so.

2. Why do people feel the need to swing out left (even crossing the center line) to turn right and vice versa? Not at all necessary people, and very irritating.

3. Don't drink and drive, don't eat and drive, don't talk on your cell phone and drive, don't text and drive, don't shave and drive, don't put on make up and drive, don't read and drive, just drive.

4. Keep your music to yourself, please. Don't be a speaker on wheels, then we all know how bad your musical tastes are!

5. Learn what YIELD means. See 1 above.

6. It's not even a tiny bit safer (in dry conditions) to leave a car length or more between you and the car in front of you when you are at a DEAD STOP! This is especially irritating when there is a lot of traffic trying to squeeze into a lane and get through a light while you lolly gag way behind. Tighten it up, people!

7. On the other hand, DO NOT follow me on my bumper at 70 miles an hour. I might just have to slam on my brakes. BACK OFF!

8. Don't talk loudly on your cell phone (or worse, into an earpiece no one else can see) in public places. It is extremely rude and discourteous, not to mention obnoxious.

9. For God's sake, pull your pants up, I don't need to inspect your underwear.

10. Turn your cell phone off or to vibrate while in church. God will not be contacting you on your cell phone, I promise you.

11. The phrase is "Buck Naked" not "Butt Naked" (although butt naked conjures up a better image!)

12. The phrase is "All of a sudden" not "All the sudden".

13. The phrase is "For all intents and purposes" not whatever you are saying.

14. The phrase is "Sooner *RATHER* than later", not "Sooner than later".



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