GOOD NEWS!  My chord book "Jazz Chords & Progressions" is now available in digital format through Amazon - Click here -->

Even more good news, there is once again a print version available now from Lulu. This is print on demand, so service is likely a little slower than most books you might order.  Click here-->

Here's what the late great jazz guitarist Joe Pass said about my chord book -

"Bob Roetker's book 'Jazz Chords' is one of the best books I've seen for students trying to understand chord voicing. I recommend it for the jazz student." - Joe Pass

This book will force you to learn a minimum of two good voicings for every type of chord, one that starts on the 6th string, and one starting on the fifth string. The chord progressions in the back will help you to hear standard chord progressions and bass movement. It was featured in a clinic given at the National Association of Jazz Educators (NAJE) by Jack Peterson, former guitar chair at North Texas State. See some sample pages below.

Me and Joe Pass about 25 years ago at a concert he did at a Virginia Beach Music Store. I'm obviously explaining to Joe how to play over rhythm changes. You can see he is impressed by the expression on his face.

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